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Welcome to Zvejnieki!

Experience pure nature and Latgalian culinary heritage by Lake Lubāns – the largest lake in Latvia!

We are located in the Īdeņa village, in the Latgale region (south-eastern part of Latvia), ca. 230 km from Riga.

We offer accommodation in a comfortable rural house and several cottages, as well as tent places. You can also enjoy traditional wood-heated sauna (Latvian pirts), row a boat on a lake or smaller pond, or engage in various outdoor activities, such as hiking in the forest or picking berries and mushrooms.

Zvejnieki is a member of the European Network of Regional Culinary heritage (since 2006). We offer a wide variety of meals prepared from local fish, wild meat and other ecological products, such as mushrooms and berries from the forest, and vegetables from our own garden.

Lake and its surroundings offer wonderful recreation possibilities. The wetlands of Lake Lubāns are one of the best bird observing areas in Latvia (236 bird spices have been registered). The surrounding area is rich also in other wildlife, like beavers, roe deer, elks, wild boars, etc., as well as a versatile flora. We offer guided excursions to the Teirumnīki bog trail, the Lubāns wetlands, and the Īdeņa fishing village.

Come to discover the unique lifestyle of the Īdeņa fishing village, the pure nature of the Lake Lubāns wetlands, and the Latgalian culinary heritage!

See you in Īdeņa!
Anna and Jānis Macāni